Patrick's Column

Lake Norman Bench Racing

By Patrick Reynolds The closer we approach NASCAR’s Chase levitra price and NHRA’s Countdown, the more interested I am in Indycars and the… more »


Karen Stoffer On Motor Week LIVE! September 17th

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Karen Stoffer will be the special guest on Motor Week LIVE! for the Monday, September 17th program as… more »


Hector Arana, Jr. Returns To Motor Week LIVE! September 10th

Motorweek LIVE! welcomes Hector Arana, Jr to his second appearance on the show for the September 10th broadcast.Arana credit score scale was the… more »

Patrick's Column

Good News Comes From The CARS Pro Cup Tour

By Patrick Reynolds “As many of you know, for three-and-a-half years, this series has struggled, as other sanctioning bodies have. You look at… more »

East Series

Motor Week LIVE! Welcomes Jesse Little August 27th

NASCAR Pro Series East and Late Model Stock Car driver Jesse Little will be the Motor Week LIVE! special guest on August 27th.Little… more »


Tommy Barrett Drops In On August 20th Motor Week LIVE!

Young pavement Modified driver out of the Northeast, Tommy Barrett will be the Motor Week LIVE! special guest for the Monday, August 20th… more »


Mario Fiore Welcomed On August 13th Motor Week LIVE! Program

Longtime NASCAR Modified car owner Mario Fiore will join host Patrick Reynolds on the Monday, August 13th Motor Week LIVE! broadcast. Fiore had… more »


Chad Little Is August 6th Motor Week LIVE! Guest

Director of the NASCAR Modified Tour, Chad Little will join the Motor Week LIVE broadcast on Monday, August 6th. Little enjoyed a long… more »